Prima coppa del mondo di Kyudo

Kyudo World Cup

Kyudo World Cup

La Federazione Internazionale di Kyudo (IKYF) ospiterà questo mese la prima Kyudo World Cup. La competizione si svolgerà a Tokyo nei dojo della della All Nippon Kyudo Federation: Chuo-Dojo e Meiji-Jingu Shiseikan Kyudojo.

Si svolgeranno sia una competizione a squadre che una individuale.


Sabato,24, aprile 2010: competizione a squadre, Competizione individuale: mudan – terzo dan

Domenica, 25, aprile 2010: competizione individuale: quarto dan, quinto dan, Shogo(Renshi, Kyoshi)

2 pensieri su “Prima coppa del mondo di Kyudo

  1. Liliana Cobelo

    Guauu !!! A World Cup Competition, in Kyudo? Everything is changing too fast and not so good in the modern practice of this non-purpose and traditional japanese discipline…

  2. admin

    I don’t agree with you. There will be also in the past competitions in kyudo (See Sanjusangendo Toshiya or competition that samurai did in front of their daimyo or the shogun). Competition in kyudo is not an innovation. The good news is that now kyudo is becoming more popular in the world and so is possible to have a world competition.

    Naturally speaking about competition in kyudo is very different from speaking of competition in other sports. The purpose of competition in kyudo is not to beat the others and win but be able to shoot at your best also in a situation where ther is some tension. This is called heijoushin.

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